Desires is a divinely juicy energy!
It is not a negative
It is not sinful
It is not wrong

It is what moves us forwards and calls the life that is meant for us into our lives. We were born in a state of desire and we are gifted with the energy of desire in order to guide us.


Desires alone are never a problem.
It is simply a recognition.
Sometimes we must question deeper within self if there is a deeper desire underneath the initial desire that arises…

If you are desiring your partner to hold you and cuddle with you then underneath that initial desire might be a deeper more expansive desire for loving connection.

But itself desire is a magnificent thing.

In desire’s most pure form it shows us where are energies are and where are souls are leading.

That being said and you can quickly turn desire into a negative and problematic thing!

If you yourself are not comfortable with your own desires and have negative programming from your past that to desire is wrong… desire will turn ugly

If you turn your desire into an expectation that another must then meet that desire or transform it into a perceived need… desire will turn ugly

If you are not able to set your boundaries and lovingly share a firm yes or no, then you will shame others sharing of desires… desire will turn ugly

If you never verbalize or allow yourself to acknowledge your desires then they will become a pressure cooker… desire will turn ugly

It’s not the desire that is ugly but how you are handling your own and others desires. And in truth how you are handling others desires will mirror to you how you are subconsciously handling your own desires.

It is often I hear from clients that desires cause issues in their relationships but the desire is not the problem! Oftentimes this comes up when someone in the relationship is overly pushing on a desire after a boundary has been set. They will continue grasping at it which then becomes obsession. Thinking that the other person “has to” meet the desire. Or on the other end when the person hearing the desire is struggling with boundaries and thus they perceive the other person as wrong or needy for sharing.

Sharing a desire is just that… sharing
Asking for a desire… is just a question

It’s not the desire it is what you do with the desire and how you interact with the energy.


We need to be able to sit with and even verbalize our desires without fear. To be able to feel them stir and to listen. Desires are intuitive guides and so if we choose to shut them down and ignore them then we are choosing to disconnect from one of the deepest aspects of self!

Every moment of the day we are being shown new desires.

If you want to be full and vibrant.
If you want to have your life flowing.
If you want to call in the life of your dreams.

Then you MUST get in alignment and learn to LOVE the constant flow of desire.

Pay attention to the desires that arise within you and how you approach them. Also learn from the way you react to others desires. Do you immediately toss a label, go into feeling like there is an expectation, or anger? This feedback can show you where you might not being fully accepting your own desires.

Desires are juicy and so allow yourself to dive into all the juiciness from a state of flow.

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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