All I can do is be HERE….In this moment.
Opening my heart and loving you.
Holding fierce space.

But I can not “fix” you.
Because there is nothing to fix.
You are not broken. You are just in process.

And I wouldn’t dare steal your process from you!
That is how you grow and expand.
Even when it hurts.
And I know that sucks.

Believe me….
Sometimes I wish someone could do the same for me.
Fix things. Strip negative emotions. Take away the process.

But what I can do as your coach, friend, lover…
Is stand here with my heart open and ready to share love
Loving you even in your darkness
And ready to receive what you need to share.

That’s not to say I’m jumping into the hole with you.
Then we both would be struggling!!

Though sometimes I know your ego and your past learning about love says that if doesn’t jump in your hole that they don’t care. Or that if they don’t try to rescue you, then they aren’t with you. Though that instead is just someone that wants to keep you small. Small because they aren’t giving you the opportunity to hold space while you grow and expand.

No one can fix you and so stop having that expectation!!!
You have to fix yourself.
No one can change your thoughts for you or decide to make you love yourself.
That is all and inside game!!!

Sure others can share and connect. Give you their own skewed thoughts and advice but at the end of the day you have to fix your own world.

No one owes you anything darling.
Not even to stand steady with open arms and a loving heart. But you can revel in the fact that you have people that are willing and desiring to be with you… wherever you are.

Though they can’t take away your own internal thoughts/feelings. They can’t change your life for you.
Most of what you think needs “fixed” ends up coming down to issues between your own ears anyways!!!

And I hear you screaming about how that isn’t enough and how that doesn’t fill you.

It doesn’t fill you for one reason… you aren’t allowing it to fill you. You have chosen not to open up your own arms and be held. And if you don’t have anyone in your life when you look around you that will hold space…

There is always an energy all around you that is open and willing to hold you in love.

The most profound “fix” or thing a person can do for another person is to just hold space. To love another just the way they are without any desire to fix or change them.
A rare love that is unconditional.

But your ego is trying to demand conditional love because that is what is comfortable.

Though if you start holding space for self it becomes much easier for others to hold space for you. You suddenly open and see what they offer… just with their arms and hearts wide open… is a deeper love and healing.

Love, Light, & Blessings,

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