I see the signs
I know what message God is sending me and in all honesty it couldn’t be clearer.
It is smack in my face to the level that I can’t deny
Everything has come together in such strange coincidence (and I don’t believe in coincidence) that the intensity of this message sends shivers up my spine.

I don’t want to hear this message
There is so much that seems to come up with this universal push that I want to hide.
These messages have come with a warning. A warning to take action and take action…NOW!
There is urgency and yet I want to ignore. Want to hide. Want to wish it to all go away.

But am I ready to suffer the consequences of ignoring such a clear sign? A clear message? Am I ready to make that decision because in truth ignoring and procrastinating would also be a decision. It would be a decision to say no to God and the universe. It would be me standing at my fork in the road to the point that one path is potentially no longer and option.

In all honesty I procrastinate for a few days. I allow everything else to flood my mind and try to numb out the urgency I feel. It eats away at me. It is right below the surface screaming at me to pay attention. To at least make a conscious decision. Even if it is the wrong decision to at least make a decision.

I am blessed to get such a clear message. I am blessed to have people in my life that understand the importance of God’s messages and calls out to the soul. I am blessed to have a friend that has no problem talking to me straight.

And so we chat. I share my fears. I share my hold back. I share the certainty and also the feeling of unrest. And I decide. I decide to step into God’s plan and go with the flow I always speak about. This for me is the scarier path in this moment because it requires action. It is the one that brings up heart palpitations, stomach clenching, and a feeling of getting ready to vomit. I step in emotionally, physically, and financially.

The other path sounds so much cozier. Do nothing. Keep my money and not feel on the edge. Keep my plans for the future. Not rock the boat and just live. BUT really if I breathe in here and take the message as it came then this brighter, shinier, less discomforting path will in the end kill me. Its more comforting but like the snake that mesmerizes its prey before striking…it will mesmerize me far, far, away from my true path. My God. My life. Myself.

It is often in our lives that the scarier, path not taken, is the very one God intends. It is the one that will rattle our cage and bring an anxiety to our chests. This isn’t from our souls but instead coming from our Ego’s. It is our Ego’s that scream against our messages and signs. It is our ego’s that try to rationalize and push us into our logical brains. Getting us to ignore our souls call and the call from God.

So, I sit here today still having Ego jumping around my brain. But also having a sense of underlying certainty and knowing that God has not let me down thus far. God has always led me to bigger and better things in my life and so it’s my time to trust and jump into faith.

I stepped in and I wonder if you are brave enough to join me today?
Are you brave enough, trusting enough, and faithful enough to step into your souls calling?

Do you know what your soul is calling you to do?

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