Until you acknowledge the floor you won’t be able to break the ceiling.
We all create our own setpoint for our lives and we do this with our beliefs.
It is always good to be not only in the present moment but also looking forward to that yummy state of more. Making that state your current state. Feeling it. Living it. And knowing it is yours NOW.
Though at times it is also important to look at your floor!

To look at the level in which you can’t imagine yourself falling below.
If you are looking at your finances then what is the monthly financial income that you can’t ever see yourself going below.
If looking at your health and fitness then what is always your bare minimum and where you can’t even fathom yourself going below?
What is your non-negotiable bare minimum?
The level that is just so natural that it would simply be unacceptable and blow your mind if it ever happened!
Now don’t spend too much time imagining this…
Just acknowledge it.
Acknowledge it because your bare minimum is someone else’s dream. What you see as unacceptable and beneath anything that could be your reality is the reality that someone is currently working to manifest.
Take a moment and breathe in how blessed you truly are and feel some beautiful whole-hearted gratitude.
Now, look up!
At your ceiling. The level, at which you are having a difficult time believing and leaning into.
Imagining it is just out of reach of your beliefs.
Guess what????
YOUR CEILING… is someone else’s floor. To someone out there it is unacceptable to have anything less than that in their life. It is what they simply accept to be their non-negotiable floor.
Now stop and have gratitude for that!!
Yes, have gratitude for that fact because it means that all you have to do is lift up your floor.
If you want more then expect more.
Believe in more
And don’t accept less.
It won’t happen all at once… as we step up the vibrational scale then this level will rise.
However, if we keep tolerating and accepting our floor then we will never raise the ceiling.
Take money…
If you stick with the reality and accept that you have months where you say only make $5,000 and you accept this is your base minimum then it is going to be mighty difficult to believe that you also have months where you make $50,000!!!
No, you have to set up the fact that you make let’s say $15,000 minimum and nothing below is acceptable to you and just doesn’t and can’t happen. You are not available for it in your reality. Well then it gets a little easier to see that $50,000… maybe still not totally in alignment with your beliefs but much closer. You have raised your ceiling along with your floor.
It takes the conscious practice of our thoughts to change that floor in any area of our lives. That goes for finances, relationships, body, spirituality, anything!!!
Now, don’t spend too much time focused on the floor but keep trying to bust that ceiling open
The ceiling of love you’ve created
The ceiling of your lifestyle
The ceiling of your career
The ceiling of everything!
I mean hell…
Why not have an open ceiling design… don’t even bother with glassing it in!
Let’s go bust some ceiling today 🙂
Sending you all..
Love, Light, & Blessings!