You want to be loved
You want to be desired
You want to be seen, heard, and celebrated
You sit wondering why it is that no one pays attention
Wondering why you are constantly sending loving energy out but nothing ever comes back at you
Why YOU alone in this world are not loved.
You striving and hustle
You beg and scream

And then you close!
And thus close down your receiving
You come to expect to be treated poorly
You look for every reason, rationale, and excuse to prove your theory correct about why…
You are unlovable
You are not worthy
You are not deserving
You can’t/won’t have the amazing things everyone else seems to have when it comes to love.
You lose sight of all the beautiful moments of connection when the Universe is heaping loads of love into your life.
You lose sight of it because you have built in a belief that it’s not coming to you and that you aren’t worthy of it.
You give all this love out… YES!
A beautiful sharing of self.
But you aren’t giving any love to yourself.
You’re giving it all away but you don’t truly have love for self.
You affirm all the beauty in others but you don’t see that within yourself
You will spend money on others but don’t ever buy into self
You will shower others with praise but barely throw a crumb at your own accomplishments
You desire others to pay attention but darling you aren’t paying attention to yourself! You have taught others how to treat you by how you are treating you!
And after years of this process you are closed down.
To the point that you think you are sending a beautiful energy into the world but instead all your gifts and well-meaning actions have been tainted with negative energy… a needy energy… a wanting energy… and an energy far from truly loving.
It might appear to come from a loving place but if you check with your ego then you are only doing in order to receive the few crumbs that you get thrown. And that is not a giving energy. That is not love.
You ask for others to check on you… are you TRULY checking in on others? Or are you checking it off of a “I’m a good person list” .
You ask for love from others… are you TRULY loving on others from as unconditional of a place that you can get to?
You ask for random acts of kindness… when was the last time you did a random act of kindness without expecting to receive anything in return. Even a “thank you”?
Often times we want to receive these things but we aren’t willing to give them. And when we do it isn’t coming from a pure of heart place.
And if you are saying, “But I do give and truly love from a deep place”
Then have you forgotten yourself?
Are you giving that EXACT SAME ENERGY to yourself?
Are you loving on yourself in the way you expect others to love on you?
Are you gifting yourself with the same level of attention, gifts, touch, and affirmations?
If not then YOU are holding back the very thing you claim to desire deep within your heart.
You are keeping your own blessings and love at a distance.
You have to crack your own beautiful expansive heart open.
You have to love yourself and allow that flow of love into your being!
Go Be Fierce and Fabulous Today!!!
??Only a few more days!!! ??
You said that money was the reason!
You said you wanted to fully step-in but weren’t willing to make a monetary commitment until you got a taste!
Here is your Taste of Addison!!!
This ends May 22nd!