I hope you never lose your sense of wonder!
Do you remember that feeling as a kid that you would get whenever doing something new?
That feeling of awe that would come over you on Christmas morning when you would look at all the presents under the tree. Or your first time at an Amusement park.
Or when you simply looked at the stars or saw fireworks for the first time.
That feeling of being so big and so small at the same time.
The true wonder of all the possibilities!
I know for me I would get this beautiful fluttering in my belly and have energy racing around my body. The laughter and smiles would naturally flow and the questions and desire for more would overtake.
Let me ask you…
When was the last time you truly felt like that?
When was the last time you allowed yourself to get lost in wonderment?
Forgetting all your cares and worries and instead were enthralled and giddy with excitement.
Some might have an answer but in truth, most of us will go weeks, months, and sometimes years without that feeling as adults.
Which is an issue…
Because one of the best ways to call in our desires is to get into this VERY high vibing and feel good place.
We wonder why what we desire isn’t coming to us and why “everything feels like work” but yet we don’t approach our world from a state of wonder and enthusiasm.
Even things that are custom made to FEEL GOOD and are filled with excitement and curiosity…
We squash.
We plan a trip and start worrying about the finances, the details of getting there, the work that will await us when we get back, etc.
Instead of envisioning the glorious vacation that we planned and seeing all the activities and fun things.
We move into a new home and don’t dream about how good the rooms are going to feel, and how nice it will be to sit on our back patios with a cup of coffee, and the laughter that will fill the rooms…
Instead of getting lost in the strain and stress of making sure everything is prepared, the financial allocations that are needed, and the fatigue of the moving process
Amazingly enough, we do this throughout our lives
Holidays turn stressful
Adventures get controlled
Even sex gets goal focused
We forget to approach in wonder!
And in truth, many look at their children and also steal their wonder!
“Get your head out of the clouds”
“Be realistic”
“Grow up”
We encourage people to lose their sense of wonder and entirely forget about the true magic that our world has in store for us.
And as adults, it is not just our job but our RESPONSIBILITY to encourage this wonderment not just in our children but also in each other!
And most of all in ourselves.
When we lead our lives in a state of wonderment and curiosity
We lead from a space of resilience and love of life.
Because a life lived in wonder is a life lived with love and connection to spirit!
Find a place today where you can lean into wonderment…laughter…play… and be enthralled in curiosity.
Love, Light, & Blessings,
Step-into who you were meant to be TODAY.
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