I LOVE traveling. I enjoy going and see all the exciting new things that each new destination has to offer or simply finding things I overlooked in a destination I’ve been to previously.
I love tasting all the yummy food and drink. Exploring locations and meeting new people that expand my mind. Checking out new sites… and yes sometimes checking out new people at these site ?
Did I mentioned the water aerobics instructor that was a fine male specimen in Punta Cana this last week? ??
In all seriousness I love the adventure and exploration! It feeds my soul.

But there is something so beautiful about coming home.
I love waking into my space, sleeping in my bed, eating my food, wearing any clothes I desire because they are all at my disposal, and just the rooted feeling of being HOME.
Though the funny thing is HOME changes every time I come back. I bring new pictures to place on my walls and new magnets and t-shirts to add to my clothes. I usually come back with a new idea for how to mix a drink or a type of food that I want to incorporate.
Or quite honestly look at my home in a totally new way after seeing people that are not always able to afford what I might take for granted or simply from a conversation about how things are viewed in a different country. So although my HOME in many ways is steady and stable there is also always change and growth.
This is exactly how we are in our lives with our souls and our authenticity.
If you are someone that is committed to your growth then the fact is you are always taking growth vacations.
What is a growth vacation?
It is the moments when you step out into something new.
You might be trying a new hobby out
You might be trying a new spiritual practice out
You might be trying on a new personality trait
You might be trying to dress a new way
You might be trying a new routine
Before you try it, it is not part of your “HOME”.
Meaning it’s not a part of YOU at a deeper core level.
You might love it.
You might hate it.
But you won’t know until you’ve tried it.
You won’t know if it is a CORE piece of you that is aligned because just like our homes tend to have stability… our core self will shift slightly as we expand and develop.
We like to think this stops once we hit adulthood and only for children and adolescents to try discovering who they are…. WE ARE ALWAYS DISCOVERING SELF!!!!
Though you begin going on these little or sometimes big growth vacations…
Feeling into what is authentically you… what expands your soul more and what doesn’t align.
You might take pieces with you…
You will probably leave a lot behind…
And you will stay forever changed…
Will never again be the same.
We go out on vacations
Some people choose to live their lives on growth vacations but never grow because they never bring it home to…
Others choose not to take the growth vacations of soul and so either never leave home or they restrict the internal changing. Never getting the growth to…
You must leave home in order to expand the very place you love so much
But at the same time you must come back home to appreciate and find the stability to move forward.
Travel is expansive in any form…
Traveling into different learning, explorations, and viewpoints. Traveling to different countries. Traveling into different parts of yourself.
Home is vital…
Coming back to self… an always changed self… but still a core self to see what you desire to hold and release. To stay connected with your spirit. To not lose yourself. And to find groundness.
So more than the importance of physical travel…
Whether you live your life moving from country to country
You never leave your town
There is always travel and growth to be had….
It’s though will always come back to connecting with your internal HOME!
Go live a fierce and fulfilling life!
Addison Bell
Want to dive deeper and expand more?
Wanting to find more authenticity?
Until you begin to commit to your personal growth and desires they won’t commit to you.