Sexual Trauma.
It sticks with you… for life.
You can work through it and still you can come back around and need to heal it at a new level.
Trauma changes the brain for good.

Changing the very fabric of who we are through experience but also through how our nervous system interacts with the world.

Recently a past trauma has reemerged in my body.
Spirit and my body are ready to work through it and heal at a next level and so it is making itself known once again to my awareness.

I remember after it happened years ago sitting and working through it with my coach. Explaining how it went down and how I was blaming myself. How I was angry at my body and upset with those that I was with for not stopping the situation.

Yet at the same time I had already been on my healing journey for years and knew that all trauma has a spiritual lesson and learning. I know that sounds harsh but I believe that at some level my soul needed my sexual trauma for this lifetime. My sexual trauma, all of it, were hard lessons but still true life-changing lessons.

So at the time while I did some healing work around the situation, I also didn’t give much power to the experience…
I logic’d it away.
I cleared my energy… or so I thought.
I moved through the emotions.
I was “fine”

Yet my body decided to remember the experience and I found myself locking down slowly without even realizing it. Then add in the continuous movement of my beautiful life and the trauma got buried deep in my body and energy.

Years later and I found myself stepping in the shower after a conversation with a friend about a block I was running up against in my sex. (Yes, even sex coaches get blocked at times).
Right before stepping into the water I almost fell to my knees with a panic attack and body memories.
I realized my anger at not only the masculine in that moment but also the feminine. Like the last few years and the fallout of that one night played before my eyes.

I hadn’t thought about that night in years.
But it was back with a message and a new layer to push through. So I push… and still am clearing and processing.

But I think to my clients that consistently show up in my office and how often there is often two types of beliefs

The first is that you have a traumatic experience and then it should QUICKLY be processed through and be gone forever. The idea that once someone has processed trauma that it should be gone. No lasting impact.

The second is that forevermore you are a “victim” or “survivor” and that you will alway have to carry around the baggage of this experience. An outlook that you must always fight against your trauma and will be broken from here on out.

Both are bull!

You can recognize that you have been forever changed by a sexual trauma and choose the way in which you will allow it to change you. All our experiences change us and we can choose to find our lesson and our growth in the moment or we can choose to let it tear us down.

We also can recognize that there is a way to heal and move through things but that, like most things in our lives, we keep healing and expanding at new levels as we raise in vibration.

Trauma does not make you a victim
Trauma also does not make you a survivor (which means you were a victim)
Trauma is not a death sentence of your sex, love, or life

Unless you allow it to be the death of you

There is a beautiful honoring of self that can happen when trauma resurfaces because it gives us the opportunity to cleanse and clear new levels. It also gives us the opportunity to expand ourselves and to find that strength and love within.

Yes, its hard but it also is a spiritual message.

Trauma comes up… and you get to choose what to do with it and if you are someone that supports someone with past sexual trauma…

Then you also get to choose how to deal with it.
Supportive and loving
Frustrated and closed down.

The choice is yours!

The expansion/lessons are in the inner work!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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