I sat there in deep conversation and also emotion last night after a beautiful day of beach, sun, and play.
I was processing through what was coming up for me as I tried to tune into my heart and make plans for some tweaks in my life to find more alignment.
Areas that used to be aligned but that have shifted slightly as they will do. This is the reason why that as long as we live we are never done with our growth work.
Always shifting the sails to stay on course for our desires, dreams, and goals.
Making the tweaks to find a deeper level of self, soul, and our lives.
Though as I sat there I had this random thought about wishing we came with instruction manuals and part numbers. Almost telling us from the time we are born who we are and what we are made of…
Couldn’t you imagine it…
MODEL SEP09181985
Made in the USA
Created with courage, creativity, attitude, fear, vibrancy, goals, dreams, feminine, masculine, passion, desire, ego, etc.
However, this is not the case
We don’t come with an instruction manual and we most definitely only know who we are truly made of after we begin to test our limits.
Continue to push forward into new and exciting lands and do the self-discovery.
And that is the beauty of the human experience…
Always finding new elements of self until the day we die.
Despite the frustration and emotion that can arise when in a space of massive self-discovery at any level (since we are always in a state of self-discovery)
The fact remains that no one can tell us who we are and no one can help us to know the right paths for us.
Others might be able to lend a hand in a state of helping us to expand but at the end of the day, it is all an inner game…
Finding our passion for life
Finding our deeper desires
Finding our sexuality
Finding our alignment
Finding our career
Everyone has thoughts and ideas about who you are but they are truly only coming from a place of that others person’s ego. As well as our views of ourselves also coming from the place of ego at times.
Hence the need to daily re-examine our course and what we desire from a soul goal level
Where are the things that are majorly pulling us forward in passion and desire?
Where are the areas that we are simply buying into other’s belief systems of who we are and who we need to be?
When we quiet our mind what do we know to be true?
What brings us joy, passion, and excitement?
Those are the things that guide us and lead us forward.
Though unfortunately, most will never choose to continually re-chart their course.
Many walk through life imagining themselves like that pre-determined model number taking on a rigid viewpoint of who they “should be”
They try to carbon copy what society says is acceptable…
And so for those of us that flow outside of the fixed model specification… on purpose, on career choice, on relationships, on sexuality, on lifestyle, or even simply how we show up each and every day with our energy…
We take flack.
We have others try to fit us back into our boxes
Back into the specifications that make others comfortable
But that’s quite simply BORING AF
But also that is not how we were meant to flow at a soul level.
Our souls always know who we are at our core
Our souls always are guiding us towards what is meant for us
We just must open ourselves up and simply listen and allow the messages to come through.
We have to be brave enough to look at our own fear and bullshit and get vulnerable with self and yet determined to live in alignment with our ever-growing and expanding vessel that is US!
It is in the beauty of the exploration in which we find our very best selves.
The self that feels excited and passionate but at the same time is comfortable with who they are and knowing they are on the right course…
Without an instruction manual for life or without a regimented structure for who we are…
Instead, we find a divinely beautiful flow and connection.
With soul always leading the way.
And with a new exciting journey at each turn.
Keeping our lives vibrant and exciting.
Making life worth living
And our souls worth expanding into.
So although it may have sounded nice for a second…
I would never desire to have a fixed state of being
It is the journey that makes it fun!
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