That feeling that pulls from your very core begging you forwards.
It is the ache that is in your very core
It is the feeling of being dragged towards your greater self
A self that is higher vibe and feeling better

Though you pile things on top of it.
Trying to hide and diminish it.
Avoiding the sensation and trying to people please those around you… stepping out of integrity with your very core.
Saying no to the powerful energy that comes from your very being.
You shut it down because it is INTENSE.
Desire isn’t the feeling of “meh”
It is a daily calling and tugging… and at times it screams.
Screams so loud that it hurts if you are trying to look the other way.
Desire is a yummy and juicy feeling…
That is until you try to ignore it and bury it
When the ego starts jumping in, bringing shame, comparison, doubts, and throwing in expectations… THAT is when desire becomes ugly.
True desire…. pure desire…. comes from your soul.
And we all know that we can’t outrun our souls.
You can drink away the feelings
You can starve away the noticing of desire
You can cut away the pain
You can social media the recognition of the tugs
But what you can’t do…
Is ever truly escape your desires and your soulwork.
It will always be there nagging at you
You as a beautiful and human were meant to desire and meant to experience ALL of yourself.
Your dark and your light
Your sex and sensuality
Your separation and your connection
The problem is never in the desires or the experiencing of those desires. The problem is in your labeling and your insistence that others get in alignment with YOUR desires. Thinking that just because you have a desire that another must have a similar desire.
And sometimes… a beautiful experience of desires align between two people. And sometimes they don’t!
But its not the outcome of a desire…
Its the experiencing.
Its the dreaming.
Its the FEELING.
Its allowing the desire… whatever the desire… to lead your forwards and help you to explore yourself at a new level. To allow it to raise your vibration and show you the way.
But it can only truly do this if you open to it.
Lean into it.
And allow.
A full surrender to your own self and desires!
An allowing of YOU (amazing beautiful YOU) in all your entirety.
Love, Light, & Blessings,
Addison B.
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