Having MORE won’t help

Having BETTER technique won’t help

Having DEEPER meditation/energetic healing won’t help.

If you aren’t looking at the mental component.

If you want your body to open

If you want your energy to open

If you want your entire sex to unfold


You have to get your mind in on the game… or actually more precisely out of the game!

Our largest sex organ is our brain.

And if our brain and moreover our mind isn’t on board then our bodies and energy will also not be fully on board.

When the mind has blocks in our sex… when we have set up a mental pleasure ceiling or gotten into judging our desires then we will consistently run into a wall in our pleasure.

Now sure you might be able to have “good enough” sex but you will not be able to step into that next level of pleasure. You will struggle to get the body to FULLY open.

You will have an issue integrating the physical and energetic body into a greater level of orgasm.


An energetic orgasm that encompasses the whole being is divine! It is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful experiences we have been given as humans.

It is an experience of true pleasure and connection.

Though unless we allow our minds to let go…

Not just surrender in the physical body but also to surrender in the mind… we will run into this wall.

I love when people tell me they have no blocks against their sex. My response is that then they have simply just not gone deep enough!


If your sex isn’t bringing things up in your body, mind, and energy then you are doing it wrong!

Yes, I said that, if your sex isn’t bringing things up… then you are doing it wrong.


Sex in itself is a lifelong journey of expansion

But as we move along we will find ourselves reaching our pleasure ceilings or when we’ve had different emotions and experiences in our lives we will notice ourselves leaning in or backing away.


Our minds have a great influence on our sex!!…

We will run up against areas of inner judgment

We will find areas of fear… fear of pleasure and fear of pain

We will find desires of all kinds.


There have been times in my own sexual history and often in the lives of my clients where they will be doing all the external things “right”… they will be working to move energy… getting into a meditative space to expand the sexual energy…etc.

Truly amazing work! Truly working to open and allow!

But there is a thought…

A thought or belief…

And that one thought or belief will sabotage the entire thing!


I have screamed out… WHY??? Why can’t I get to that new or old level of orgasmic experience that I know is possible?

I’ve watched as my clients have also beat their heads against the wall and felt lost about how to expand in this area.

I’ve had a thousand consults and applications from potential clients that thought the answer was in the technique. They scratch their heads at the idea that we MUST look at the mental aspects.


Yes, there is ALWAYS energetic work to be done and if we are also not doing this work then we will have additional blocks to work through. Our emotions get easily stored in our bodies and so there is healing to be done here.

Yes, there are fun techniques that can add to sexing and there is anatomical education that is often needed.

Sometimes you do need to just DO IT… in a gentle way where you are learning to surrender and breathe in.


But without first recognizing the power of our mind in our sex and then learning to relax in… the rest is going to fall flat.

If your mind is consciously or unconsciously going a million miles an hour then you aren’t going to be able to surrender…


And sex is about surrender

Surrendering into the moment

Surrendering into the body

Surrendering into the energy

If you want to open yourself up to expansive bliss …

Give credit and then get out of your mind!



Basically, because I couldn’t make up my mind.

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