“I just want someone to sincerely love and adore me…
I just want someone that sees me and helps without question…
I just want someone that loves me even in my bad…
I just want someone that wants to see me truly shine…
I just want someone that surprises me and thinks about me…”

You look to the sky and pray to receive love

But then the Universe provides you the love you wish to receive. And you think…

It can’t be that good!!
They have to have an alternative motive.
When is the next shoe going to drop.
He/She in my life doesn’t like this person so I should shut them down too.

You see one or two moments of struggle or weakness on the other persons side as a bad omen for the life of the relationship.

Killing the love you are receiving before it has a chance to touch your heart. You pull back… you retract… you convince yourself you don’t want it this way… you let your ego jump on board…you shut the flow of love down and shut the relationship down.

Sending the middle finger up to God.

Maybe it doesn’t come in the box that you think it should be presented to you.
Maybe the other person isn’t perfect.
Maybe it’s not in the type of relationship you thought it would come in.

But this is a pretty consistent pattern we get into as humans. We ask for the we desire in our lives but when it comes into our sphere we find ways to push it away.

And it usually comes down to past learnings and hurts that we’ve picked up along the way. Many times it’s the learnings about our own worthiness and our ability to receive.

If we think we are not worthy of receiving or that love must be transactional then this is exactly what we will create again and again in our lives.

We will make it so.

We will find ways to put a wrench in our own desires and we smack the hand of the Universe.

Often our actions in the love department can be very unconscious and sometimes very conscious…

We overly test the relationship to the point where the other person is bending until the relationship breaks.

We stop communicating even when the other party is standing there asking for direct communication.

We try to “show” that we don’t need that person or that love

And we also step into judgment with those that are trying to love on us. Instead of opening up to love we go on a hunting mission in negativity and conspiracy theories.

Yet, we sit wanting to FEEL and wanting to CONNECT

Truly connect and not just connect on the surface but to go deeper and truly feel another.

Whoever said love and a true relationship shouldn’t be work is wrong…

ALL relationships require work in terms of communication and looking at your own shiz.

It requires us seeing where our egos are trying to steal our joy and the love we desire to receive

It requires us to expand our ideas and ideals about what love truly looks like and feels like

It is a non-negotiable requirement if you desire to have relationship that you learn to communicate and have the conversations that need to be had if you desire to keep. a relationship.

Now if you don’t want a relationship…
If you want to call in all the negativity if that other person…
If you want to continue to validate your old belief systems…
Or validate others belief systems…

Then stop communicating.
Then stop giving any energy and love to that other person.

But then don’t look to the sky and wonder why you never feel filled with love and why something feels like it’s always missing. Don’t wonder why a piece of you always feels unworthy of love or why people always leave.

It’s you beautiful.

People can love us in the most delicious ways
But if you continue to smack the hand of those you love
Then they will stop reaching out.

And the Universe will give you what you continue to seek out…

It’s your choice

Are you seeking manipulation and conspiracies?
Or are you seeking love and receptivity?

It starts with you looking within and connecting with self
Connecting to that beautiful heart you’ve been given.
A heart that is meant to share love and receive love.

~Recover Your Life~
Recover Your Heart!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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