Its early afternoon and my day has been flowing and bright. It is one of those days that I look into my world and I feel an immense gratitude for life itself arise in my chest. I’m soaking in the sun, the breeze, and connecting to my heart.
Feeling I have so much love to give and share.
Allowing anything that holds me back from this to flow into the earth. Connecting with my heart, my sex, and my core to stir the beautiful energy.

I sit and contemplate the beautiful romancing of God in this moment. How God is arousing all my senses and holding me like a lover in this moment. Allowing me to surrender into my feminine energies and feel myself. Holding the ultimate space.
Everywhere I look around me there are signs of me being romanced and woo’d into greater communion.
There is a trust and a surrender process just like with a lover that must happen. It doesn’t matter what is presented to me… how much space is held… how much energy of love that is sent my way…
If I am un-present and unwilling to drop in then it won’t be felt. If I want to simply see the struggle in the relationship… then I will miss the beauty and the deep love that is ever-present in my life.
God is constantly romancing us… giving to us… providing…
But in order for our cups to continually get filled we must take notice. We must be open to receive and allow the love. Because why would any lover continue to reign down beauty and love when their partner continues to smack their hand?
Are you smacking God’s hand?
Focusing only on the negativity?
Disregarding the amazement of the current moment?
Taking things for granted?
Not taking time to slow down and build the relationship?
When we surrender into the romance we awaken to find that our lover has never left. They have been there waiting for you to connect and open to their love.
To find this love we must go within. We must feel the power that is there and expand it out. This divine lover is always penetrating us in the best of ways if we are opening and allowing. This lover requires you to go within and connect. There is no un-present and disconnected romancing available in this relationship.
You must go deep. You must surrender in a way that you’ve never surrendered before. You must soak in all the blessings and little gifts that are being provided to you each day.
Or you choose not too.
You choose to deny.
You continue smacking hands
Focusing in on negativity
Not co-creating
And your awareness of the romancing will disappear.
It’s up to you.
Are you going to let God romance you today and every day?
Love, Light, & Blessings,
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